Interview — Abandon Journal Issue #4

An Interview With Brian S. Ellis

by Kimberly Sheridan

October 19, 2022

The poetry of Brian S. Ellis unravels, inverts, investigates, and complicates. His poems are radical koans and invitations to forego common narratives. In a review of Yesterday Won’t Goodbye, Jeanann Verlee writes, “His poems speak with an unbridled urgency yet come to you patient, coy, brimming with wisdom—and acutely aware of their own necessity.”



Interview — Oregon ArtsWatch

Poet’s Q&A: Brian S. Ellis talks slam poetry, storytelling, and branching toward prose

The Portland poet sees his classroom role as more coach than teacher: “I am very good at pumping people up, listening, and helping them execute their vision…. I’m not hitting people with maxims to live by.”
DECEMBER 27, 2021