Client – Viking River Cruises

The client was looking for informative, authoritative articles on the cities they visited on their cruises. It allowed me to spend a lot of time with European history, and through this research became fascinated by the Dancing Plague of 1518, Heidelberg Castle and the 9 Year War. This article about Seville is representative of the larger work.

About Seville

A mythical city said to be founded by Hercules himself, Seville is the spiritual capital of Andalucia, on Spain’s south-western coast. A city of mystery, antiquity and beauty, Seville is a shining city drenched in the light of the sun. The city’s twisting and well worn streets fuse with vibrant marketplaces to make Seville one of the most enchanting, and seductive cities on earth. From Roman aqueducts to Moorish fountains to Castilian churches the city of Seville is a work of art that has to be seen to be experienced.